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Celebrities Are Posting Videos Unboxing Beyonce’s Ivy Park Collaboration with Adidas—and It’s the Definition of Extra

Stop everything you’re doing, because the fashion collaboration of the year (no, slash that, decade) just dropped, and you’re going to want to grab your credit card and get in formation. Beyonce and her brand Ivy Park partnered with Adidas to create a gender-neutral athleisure line that’s versatile, utilitarian, and effortlessly cool—and we want everything. […]

Healthy Eating – Portion Control

Healthy Eating – Portion Control we’re going to talk about portion control. Because it’s really hard to figure out how to set up a plate. I like to use my hands and a clock. Well, we want about 2 cups of vegetables on our plate, so that would be one fist for one cup, and […]

Bread can be part of a healthy diet

Bread can be part of a healthy diet each week we look forward to receiving questions about health and wellness from viewers like you and it’s time to answer today’s health matters question hi dr. Santora I’m Sean from Tampa I’ve got a question can bread be part of a healthy diet you know I […]

Meal Planning: Healthy Weight & Nutrition

Meal Planning: Healthy Weight & Nutrition so before we go shopping we need to understand what we’re going to buy and how we’re going to arrange that food on our plate at each meal that’s where my plate comes in my plate is a tool designed by the United States Department of Agriculture to help […]